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AMW 2014

Invited Speakers

Michael Benedikt

Dr. Michael Benedikt

is a professor at Oxford University's computer science department, and a fellow of University College Oxford (Oxford University, UK). He came to Oxford after a decade in US industrial research laboratories, including a position as Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories. He has worked extensively in mathematical logic, finite model theory, verification, database theory, and database systems, and has served as chair of the ACM's main database theory conference, Principles of Database Systems. The current focus of his research is Web data management, with recent projects including querying of the deep Web, querying and integration of annotated data, and querying of web services (Web and Web 2.0 data management), logical methods in computer science, among others. (Web page)

C. Mohan

Dr. C. Mohan

is a IBM Fellow at the IBM Almaden Research Center (San José - California, USA). He has been an IBM researcher for 32 years in the information management area, impacting numerous IBM and non-IBM products, the research and academic communities, and standards, especially with his invention of the ARIES family of locking and recovery algorithms, and the Presumed Abort commit protocol. This IBM, ACM and IEEE Fellow has also served as the IBM India Chief Scientist. In addition to receiving the ACM SIGMOD Innovation Award, the VLDB 10 Year Best Paper Award and numerous IBM awards, he has been named an IBM Master Inventor. This distinguished alumnus of IIT Madras received his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin. He is an inventor of 40 patents. His research work has concentrated in the areas locking, logging, recovery, distributed systems, indexing, shared disks architectures, database caching, and workflow management. (Web page)

Claudia Roncancio

Dr. C. Mohan

is a professor of the engineering school of computer sciences and applied mathematics at Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble-INP Ensimag). She studied at Universidad de los Andes (Bogota), received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Paris XI and her Computer Science Ph.D. from Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble. She was engineer at the Bull Research Center before joining the faculty. Her research interests span many aspects of large scale distributed data management, active systems and internet-based information retrieval systems. She is author of more than 100 research papers. She has served on a variety of program committees and advisory boards.

Sebastian Rudolph

Dr. C. Mohan

is a full professor for Computational Logic at the Technical University of Dresden (TU Dresden, Germany). Before he was assistant  at  the Institute  AIFB  at  the  Karlsruhe  Institute  of  Technology.  Moreover,  he  used  to be  guest lecturer  at  Heidelberg  University,  guest  researcher  at  FZI Karlsruhe,  and member  of the W3C OWL Working Group. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Logic, Semantic Web, Complexity Theory, Computational Linguistics, Formal Concept Analysis, Ontology Modeling and Optimization (Web page)

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